Clay Bar application


Clay bar is a process which removes contaminants that remain embedded in a car's paint even after a thorough exterior wash. Contaminants are small particles of metal that can come from brake dust, rail dust, and industrial fallout. When a clay bar is applied over the surface of a car it grabs the contaminants which are then transferred from your paint to the clay bar. This process does not remove any clear coat or paint of your car, which means it also does not remove scratches, swirl marks, dull or oxidized paint

Before image of clay bar treatment

Removal of contaminants can help protect a paint because if they are left in the paint, over time the small metal particles can rust and spread. Clay bar may be necessary prior to polish work because loosened particles can be picked up by a polisher and induce small scratches and swirls in the paint. At The Works we prep a car with a thorough exterior wash prior to application of clay bar to ensure loose particles are not adding scratches to the paint, and our expert detailers are trained in proper clay bar technique for best results.

After image of clay bar treatment