I went with the Works because Mike was the only person who didn’t guarantee he could remove 100% of the odor, but promised to try his best. This struck me as honest, and after dealing with used car salesmen, honest was exactly what I was looking for.
— Haley T.
Talking about going the extra mile for you!...He’s got a great attitude towards his work and it shows!! He really cares about his customers and wants them to be happy and satisfied!!!
— Sonja B.
They detailed the interior and it looks brand new. I am picky and can’t find a flaw.
— Kristi S.
Everything was clean and smelled...well, it smelled like a new car!
— Nicolle W.
So, if you’re looking for an honest, get what you pay for, professional auto detailing place, this is the shop for you!
— Laura S.
The Works’ stepped up to the challenge and blew my expectations.
— AJ M.
Mike made me feel informed and capable of choosing the best option for my budget and needs
— Katlyn S.
This was my first detail ever, and I think I’m hooked! My Passat looks like new and I’m pretty messy
— Tess M.
He took care of me on a short notice and went above and beyond my expectations. His knowledge is vast and he takes great pride in his work.
— Kimberly S.
I should have detailed it more often because they made it look so shiny and new and it was fun to drive around again
— Dani A.
Michael is customer-centric from the moment you meet him. He prides himself in delivering service excellence, something many aspire to achieve yet few deliver.
— Ken V.