Headlight restoration


Headlights were once made out of glass, but today glass has been replaced with polycarbonate plastic. Plastic is very strong, but it is also very porous. In order to protect the plastic, headlights are manufactured with a clear coat over the plastic. However, over time this clear coat gets damaged from various environmental assaults like UV rays, or chemicals from the road, and once the clear coat wears away the plastic gets oxidized and turns yellow and foggy.

Foggy headlights can be more than a cosmetic issue. When headlights become foggy, your headlights become weaker and you have worse visualization while driving. This can be particularly dangerous in winter months when there are less daylight hours, and weather becomes stormy.

At The Works our technicians restore the clarity of your headlights through sanding and polishing. First we sand down your headlights five times to remove the top layer of oxidized plastic. Finally we finish off with a stage of polish to give your headlights its shine back.