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Boulder Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing minor scratches and imperfections found in the vehicles clear coat. Using an electric polisher, a microfiber buffing pad, and a special "cutting" compound (extremely fine abrasive), the detailer will "cut" into the clear coat of a vehicle’s paint till the scratches are leveled or removed.

Boulder Paint Correction

Paint Correction, also referred to as Polishing, involves using a series of very fine abrasive compounds to remove minor scratches and imperfections in your cars clear coat.

Paint Correction Before

These fine scratches in your paints clear coat are responsible for the notorious "swirls" you see when sunlight reflects off your vehicle. These "swirls" are not actually circular scratches, but rather, they are just random scratches that appear as almost holographic swirls when reflecting a point source of light such as the sun, or as seen here, the shop lights.

Paint Correction After

This process also naturally removes all of the oxidation on the surface of your clear coat that dulls the exterior of your vehicle. Depending on the degree of damage, we may have to start with a more aggressive compound to "cut" deeper into the clear coat (sometimes even using fine sand paper), and follow up with another one of two finer "cuts" to restore the gloss of your clear coat.

The result is a gloss and shine that in many cases exceeds the one you remember when your vehicle came off the factory floor (see the before and after pictures below). In fact, many of our customers bring their brand-new vehicles in for a Polish to remove any minor imperfections from the factory prior to receiving a ceramic coating. If you are considering a ceramic coating for your older vehicle, it is wise to consider a paint correction prior to doing so.

I had a full detail, paint correction and ceramic coating done on my car. Exceptionally pleased with how great everything turned out, exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend their work!

- Jacob Jelosek - Another 5 Star Rating for The Works

Great place for car detailing--our cars come out looking like new. The guys are awesome, and do a great job! We go approximately once a year and it's totally worth the cost.

- Mina G. - Another 5 Star Rating for The Works

The Works made my eight-year-old car that lives outside look like new inside and out. The customer service was excellent. Communication was great. They're professional, conscientious, detail-oriented and take pride in their work. They wanted to make sure I was satisfied, and went above and beyond to meet my expectations with a positive...

- Gil Rudawsky - Another 5 Star Rating for The Works

I decided to get a ceramic coating for my car, and I did some research before contacting Leo. When I drove to Leo's shop, he made sure that I understood the utility of the ceramic coating before explaining to me the differences between the options he offered. After some deliberation, I decided to go with his Kenzo Ceramic Coating along with...

- Jun Hong - Another 5 Star Rating for The Works