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Boulder Window Tinting

In addition to offering a sense of privacy and adding to the beauty of the exterior of your vehicle; window tint can also offer other advantages to your comfort and to the interior components of your vehicle by blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) and heat causing Infrared (IR) radiation. This is particularly important at high altitudes in sunny Colorado.

Boulder Window Tinting

When considering window tint, you might be thinking, “how dark should I go.” Actually, instead of referring to the amount of light blocked, manufacturers of window tint instead refer to how much light is transmitted (Visible Light Transmission, or VLT). For example, a film with a VLT of 35 means only 35 percent of the outside visible light finds its way into your vehicle (i.e., 65% is blocked).

However, equally important is how much invisible, but harmful Ultraviolet (UV), and heat producing Infrared (IR) light, is blocked by the tint; referred to as Ultraviolet Rejection (UVR) and IR Rejection (IRR, or sometimes just IR), respectively. Regardless of the VLT rating of the tint you choose, all of our window tint films block more than 99 percent of harmful UV light (i.e., UVR > 99). The KAVAKA Ceramic IR line is specifically formulated to block heat causing Infrared light.

The total amount of sunlight (visible and invisible) blocked by the film you choose is referred to as Total Solar Energy Rejection, or TSER. Finally, window tints also reduce annoying glare. While it is hard to define glare, we all know what it is. The degree to which the tint you choose reduces glare is referred to simply as “Glare Reduction.” Before deciding which product is right for you and your family you may want to

As a certified Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, we offer two lines of their KAVAKA window tint films (Carbon CS and Ceramic IR); both of which are covered by lifetime warranties.

Carbon Window Tint

KAVACA Window Films were formulated with extensive research for look and performance. KAVACA Carbon Color Stable Window Film follows this same design approach with proprietary blend of nano-carbon particles and IR blocking materials, which results in blocking up to 70% infrared heat. Not only does our film reduce the heat inside your vehicle, it also offers SPF500 which blocks 99%+ of the damaging UV rays.

Ceramic Window Tint

Simply put, KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film is the most advanced automotive window film ever created. Utilizing our proprietary nano ceramic technology, we’ve been able to create window tint film that blocks up to 96% of infrared heat – giving you the ultimate indoor cabin experience. Our window films also provide superior protection against destructive UV radiation, protecting the interior of your vehicle, as well as you and your passengers.

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